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Services of the stomatological center Grinder
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Services of the stomatological center Grinder

Parodontics (treatment of parodontosis and periodontitis)

Treatment of parodontosis and periodontitis in the stomatological clinic «Grinder» is carried out according to the course, which is specially developed by specialists of treatment and prophylaxis procedures. Treatment of parodontosis according to methods of the clinic «Grinder» allows stabilizing of early stages of disease and prevents its further development.

It’s very important to start treatment of parodontosis in proper time. Because mass affection of tissue around the tooth leads to the fact that very few people have absolutely healthy teeth by they are 25. Opportune treatment of parodontosis will help you to avoid such unpleasant consequences of disease as tooth neck exposure, teeth missing. Many factors influence parodentium condition: low-quality products, bad ecology conditions, addition agents in water, artificial feeding, shortage of hard food in nutrition, bad hygiene of oral cavity and so on.

Development of the disease can be symbolically divided into three stages:

  • Gingival hemorrhage, swelling, change of gum color, bad breath — these are the first causes for visiting a dentist, and to start treatment of parodontosis;
  • Light and middle degree of teeth swinging, high sensitiveness of different taste and temperature irritants, gum descent, tooth neck exposure, purulent discharges — these are symptoms of neglected disease. Complete complex of procedures should be carried out to save your teeth.
  • Intense swinging of teeth, pus, teeth loss without blood — these are symptoms of the last stage of disease. At that stage intervention of doctor is necessary, but he can’t guarantee 100% success of treatment.

Treatment of periodontitis

Gum disease — periodontitis — is one of the most widely spread diseases, and if the necessary treatment isn’t carried out, it can lead to teeth loss. Specialists of the clinic «Grinder», together with Russian specialists, developed the course of treatment and preventive procedures for treatment of periodontitis at early stages of its development, and other stomatological diseases of gums. This method is based on application of the latest bio-technologies, which are successfully used in adjacent branches of medicine. The method of treatment, that we offer, allows us to stabilize early stages of disease and prevent its further development. After examination and consultation, doctor composes an individual program for each patient. After course of treatment, our patients notice general improvement of health state, immunity increase, normalization of liver and gastrointestinal tract functions.

Surgical treatment of periodontitis

Parodentium is a complex of tissues, which includes ligament around the tooth root, alveolar process of jaw and a gum with periosteum. The main disease, which requires surgical treatment, is periodontitis, which is characterized by bleeding sickness, swinging of tooth, painful sensations, sensitiveness of tooth neck, caused by temperature and chemical irritants (cold, sour, sweet), and also purulent discharge from dentogingival recess. During the objective investigation are noted gum bleeding, deposit and subgingival tartar, tooth moving, pathologic discharges when pressing gum edge with instrument. But the main symptom of this disease is dentogingival recess. On X-ray photographs are seen destructive processes in bone tissue around teeth.

In the clinic are successfully used surgical operations for treatment of patients with parodentium diseases. These are, so called, flat operations, which are used for liquidation of dentogingival recesses, correction of gum edge for restoration of damaged teeth. Surgical technique is directed for detachment of gum from teeth. Advantage of the surgery is good access to bone recesses, possibility of their treatment under visual control. After the treatment (curettage) of bone recesses with the help of parodontic instruments, recesses are filled in with osteoplastic preparations.

Osteoplastic material retains in a wound, because it is covered with barrier membrane. In conclusion to the section about paradontics, it’s worth mentioning, that periodontitis is a disease, which should be considered as a problem of the whole organism. One should estimate micro- symptomatology and interconnection of two simultaneously proceeding diseases. Now more than 91% of adults have periodontic disease.


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